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Onni ja Ilona - Happy Art for Babies

Onni ja Ilona is a Finnish company name for my Happy Art for Babies -products. The name means "Happiness and Joy". Onni is also a boy's name and Ilona a girl's name here in Finland. 

I designed first infant stimulation pictures for my own two babies while studying graphic design. Infant visual perception and preferences was the subject of my Bachelor's Theses.

Babies like high contrast pictures and prefer certain forms and patterns over others. Bright colors are also more popular among babies than light colors. Happy Art for Babies -pictures are based on these findings and they stimulate babies vision.

Infant visual stimulation pictures are usually simple geometrical black and white shapes. I wanted to go little further and design cards that could also be part of decoration: nice looking for both babies and parents. 

So these cards became both visual stimulation and little pieces of art - happy art for babies! Many babies have tested cards: babies between 0 to 6 months love them.

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